ORB 05

Enrico Serotti ‎

Homemade Music Vol. II (1983-1999)

Originally distributed in 1981 by Demo City (a division of Oderso Rubini’s Italian Records) exclusively on musicassette. From the guitarist of the Confusional Quartet, a surprising and  weird cover of “The Model” by Kraftwerk, the cosmic “Lo Sport” and other 26 pearls in an exclusively homemade record.


A1 Roppongi 2.12
A2 La Titina 1.51
A3 Profa 1.51
A4 Un Gelato A Caso 1.52
A5 HHHH 2.51
A6 Barber’s Things 3.10
A7 Dumbo 3.39
A8 Strictly Human 4.09
A9 Fremlin 4.01
B1 Fugue 4.00
B2 Mercurio 3.20
B3 George 5.15
B4 Hot Stuff 3.32
B5 Riccio 3.23
B6 Red Roche 4.22
B7 Bumbum 3.31


Serie: ORB 05 Category: Formats: LP, Ltd, Gat Year: Sep. 2017 Genres: dance-pop, Experimental, techno


Realised by: Handle With Care; recorded: Handle With Care; cover, design concept: Nicola Corona; performed, composed by, design concept, recorded by, mixed by, arranged by: Enrico Serotti. "600 copies limited edition"