ORB 18

Errol H. Tout

Sounds 1985-87

Una collezione in sedici brani delle migliori composizioni di Errol H. Tout, veri capolavori dell’open jazz guitar  dai suoi primi due lavori: Atmpospherics (1985) e Sounds Of Swimming (1987).


A1 Leo Who? Prologue 2.19
A2 The Game 3.45
A3 Thrash 2.36
A4 A Girl’s Name 2.48
A5 Helicopters 3.11
A6 Goodbye 2.56
A7 We The Damned 2.45
A8 The Sound Of Swimming 5.54
B1 Slide 12.36
B2 Egyptian 3.39
B3 When The Night Comes 3.38
B4 Theme From “The Drunken Boat” 3.01
B5 Saccharine 3.58
B6 Truck Race 2.32
B7 325 3.13
B8 Fond Farewell 1.56


Series: ORB 18 Category: Formats: Vynil, LP, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered Year: Oct. 2018 Genere: abstract, Electronic, Jazz, rock


Artwork – Angela Sanfrancesco, Fabrizio Martina; Music By – Errol H. Tout; All music by Errol H. Tout; Guitars, Bass Synth - Errol H. Tout; Drums - Craig Wheel; Guitar, Synths, Sampled Percussion, Linn Programming - Mark McAndrew: Bass, Sampled Marimba - Peter Hadley; Cello - Willem Vanderviz; Artwork Arranger: Angela Sanfrancesco, Fabrizio Martina 600 copies limited edition.