Orbeatize’ story

Orbeatize record label was born in Italy in 2016 from the “playroom” of Cesare Barbetta (aka “Gianni”), literally the name of his blog, “Boxes of Toys”, when many users asked him to try to reissue and release much of the record material he offers, sometimes impossible to google.

From that moment on, he developed a project aimed at carefully exploring the panorama of past, present and future experimental music. Refined sounds and real musical gems for collectors who feel the need to rediscover new sounds.

Orbeatize selects and re-proposes very rare and forgotten pearls of pioneering electronic experimentation, but not only. Under the constant pressure of new sonic appetites, the record label also offers new releases from the contemporary and underground scene: the gems and booms of the future.

There is no fixed rule: it ranges from industrial to contemporary jazz, from black music to South American contaminations. Deep space exploration and sightings that tantalize the fine ears of the most refined deejays. 


The discographic universe of Orbeatize is composed of three satellites: Orb, Beat and Ize, all with a precise characterization.

Orb proposes the remastering of ambient, electronic and weird musical pearls. Experimentations from the past.

Beat  researches authors and emerging artists of the experimental scene at the same time, especially in the field of electronic music. 

Ize is the selected and exclusive curator of special experimental music projects and limited edition compilations.