Boxes of Toys

Boxes of Toys

Gianni aka “Cesare” Barbetta at the tender age of 12, in 1989, began collecting tapes, video clips, music cassettes, compact discs and vinyls of all kinds from all over the world.

Since 2007 he has been sharing his passion on his blog, literally “Boxes of Toys”, recovering audio-video finds from the music he falls in love with.

As a perfect astronaut of the unknown, Cesare continues to travel through space and time in search of absolute sound rarities.

From r’n’b to black music, from progressive rock to abstract and chill. From experimental electronic music reminiscent of pioneering video games to sounds that seem to point us towards the future. Boxes of Toys is a true almanac of total music, sometimes weird, sometimes refined, always and in any case to be listened to with curiosity and gluttony.

A magnetic personality who has met and collaborated with artists, musicians, experimenters from all over the world to propose or re-propose goodies and leave an indelible trace of their work on the collective imaginary.