Some sneak peeks from the outcoming Orbeatize’s release, Luz by Fringuello.

“Luz is a record that blends together hip hop, funk and jazz with modern sounds from across the Channel, the most important source of inspiration was definitely Alfa mist, but also Yussef Dayes and Kamaal Williams. it is a work that mixes chill moments with rhythmic parts, jazz environments that refer to the great masters like Miles Davis and Chet Baker”, its author tells us.  “Luz was produced in an unconventional way, with a sampler, MPC1000. Specifically, I chose four musicians (trumpet, rhodes, drums and bass) and let them play freely on a few cues; once I had the tracks, I sampled them, cut them, worked on them and recomposed them to create pieces that sounded together”.

Fringuello alla sua consolle

This method has reserved scope and surprises for Fringuello: “Luz was a continuous work in progress, because I didn’t know the content of the individual tracks that the musicians were going to give me, so each time was a surprise, sometimes a nice surprise, sometimes not so nice, but when you improvise, it’s part of the game.  Of course the most fun thing was to compose tracks from individual parts that were not joined together, it was a very fun experiment”.

A few words on the cover of the new album: “The cover represents my travels, those that have left something inside me, each of the lines represents a specific city or district, which are then found in the names of the tracks on the album. all the journeys converge in a centre, my fixed point, my home, Irene”.

Coming soon, exclusively with Orbeatize.