Conrad Praetzel

Adventures Into Somethingness

Conrad Praetzel’s Adventures Into Somethingness is the first album of new music released under his name in twenty-four years. Gone are the traditional roots music instrumentations he has frequently employed in the past. This is explorative ambient music that continuously evolves in form utilizing deft sound design techniques along with tension and release to mesmerize and engage the listener. Sampled sound sources, often of electric guitar processed through effect pedals, are further reshaped, reprocessed and mangled into something entirely new to produce pulsating drones filled with sonic artifacts and ethereal landscapes.


A1 Capacitor Weavers 1:19
A2 Adventures Into Somethingness 6:20
A3 Disintegrateful 4:41
A4 Blue Poppies 7:22
B1 Sanctuary 2:25
B2 Rescued By The Nano Spirits 5:49
B3 Absence Of Nothing 3:38
B4 Hidden Compass Power 5:09
B3 Siamo Analessico 4:30
B4 Poema Erotico Ispano-Brasiliano 5:10
B5 Gravity Melting 3:38
Serie: BEAT 09 Category: Tag: Formats: Vinyl, LP, Album Year: 2023


Composed by Enrico Serotti Cover by Pierpaolo Campanini Lyrics by Enzo Minarelli Recorded and mixed at OmO studio - Bologna, 2021 Special thanks to Eva Marisaldi