ORB 24

Enrico Serotti

Homemade Music Vol.1

Selection of unpublished tracks created at home by Enrico Serotti, with no purpose other than fun and the desire to play with new musical instruments. The tracks date from 1983 to 1999. A rather long period of time, which coincides with the transition from analog to digital technology. 


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A1 Chitarre Sfregate 3.37
A2 Insulso 1.01
A3 Human Voice 1.11
A4 Aliti 2.23
A5 The Model
(Written-By – Emil Schult, Karl Bartos, Ralf Hütter)
A6 Christmas 0.22
A7 Jazz 1.12
A8 Lo Sport 7.06
A9 Elica 1.56
A10 Gorni Kramer 1.22
A11 Funebre 1.42
A12 Lust For Life 0.46
B1 Chitarre Pazze 1 1.37
B2 Prato Verde 2.36
B3 Chitarre Pazze 2 0.45
B4 Luce Dell’Est 2.50
B5 Corsa 1.01
B6 Reggae 1.38
B7 Materassi 1 2.14
B8 Banana Boat 1.55
B9 Querida 1.10
B10 Magnifico West 1.28
B11 Paramaribo 1.28
B12 Primavera a Tobasco 2.03
B13 Materassi 2 1.51
B14 Precari 0.58
B15 Country & Western 1.20
B16 Take Off 1.26


Serie: ORB 24 Category: Tag: Formats: Vynil, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue Year: apr 2021 Genres: Electronic, Experimental, weird


Produced by: Handle With Care; recording: Handle With Care; cover, design concept: Nicola Corona; performed by, composed by, design concept by, originally recorded by, mixed by, arranged by: Enrico Serotti. "600 copies limited edition"

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