ORB 04

Knut Skodvin ‎


Cultured references, texts often re-proposed from Pablo Neruda’s poems and Stig Holmås, an author highly esteemed in his homeland, Norwegian like Skodvin, born in 1951, the artist who proposes this double vinyl with atmospheres reminiscent of Aphex Twin. A work obtained from the master reels of the original publication of 1982, with the addition of a lot of material obtained by recovering every fragment that the artist has used for commercials, radio cuts and also for erotic shorts and soundtracks in theaters forbidden to minors. Everything was then revised in post-production to make the tracks homogeneous. Says Skodvin: “I built my first home studio around 1980. My friend and co-producer John Gaasland contributed many strange synthesizers and other electronic gizmos – I had a variety of instruments and recording equipment. We used a Fostex 8 to record, but used a professional studio for mixing and mastering”.


A1 Arabesque 7.04
A2 Storskrytarstevet 3.20
A3 Tannråte 3.24
A4 Passacaglia 5.23
B1 Hauk 5.07
B2 Se Og Hør 6.20
B3 Jenten Fra Bergen 1.43
B4 Og Det Er Bra Det 4.10
B5 Den Falske Skrik 2.57
C1 K1 5.12
C2 K2 3.06
C3 K3 3.03
D1 K4 2.54
D2 K5 7.30


Serie: ORB 04 Category: Formats: 2xLP, Ltd, RM, S/Edition Year: Sep. 2017 Genres: Minimal, new wave, synth-pop


Artwork: Dagfinn Knudsen; lacquer Cut by: Ivar Finsen; lyrics by: Pablo Neruda, Stig Holmås; mixed by: Trygve Thue; photography: Annefi Rabe Bøe; programmed by, produced by: John Gaasland; saxophone: Olav Dale; synthesizer, composed by, arranged by, produced by: Knut Skodvin; vocals: Sissel Ingri Andersen "600 copies limited edition"