Since its release, the new “four hands” work by Enrico Serotti and Enzo Minarelli, La Stanza sul Fiume (for the Orbeatize label), has been arousing great attention. The presentation at Mambo in Bologna, in February 2023, was a real live performance. The event, entitled The arm and the voice, lasting about twenty minutes, made the sound poetry of Enzo Minarelli dialogue with the mimic music of Enrico Serotti. The voice embodied and clothed the words while the mimic movement electronically modulated a musical fabric made of rhythms and noises at a distance. The result is a union between body and machine, where one merges into the other, giving life to a new performative entity. The musician looks more and more like an orchestra conductor, while once again the poet’s voice proves to be solid and concrete. The declared aim of the performers: to put the body and corporality back on stage in the most essential way, without visible tools and/or accessories, but in the most total modernity.

Here you can get to know the album The Room on the River closely, and possibly make a purchase.