PR 01

Best weird albums for collectors

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A selection from the best weird albums in the Orbeatize catalogue, all to be collected, at a special price!

Peter Frohmader – Live Electronic Music (BEAT 03)

A multifaceted artist in a unique live performance.Bu

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Elicoide – Our Time (BEAT 05)

Exclusive to Orbeatize: the reunion of one of Italy’s craziest experimental electro-jazz projects.

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Roland Barker – The Eternal Optimist (ORB 23)

Finally, the re-release of the vivid work of an established author of ambient and minimal soundtracks in the United States, all to be listened to.

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Enrico Serotti – Homemade Music Vol.I (ORB 24)

Who is a post-guitarist? The virtuoso Enrico Serotti, former member of the Confusional Quartet, tries to answer this question in an experimental work that weaves together Kraftwerk and Lucio Battisti.

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Serie: PR 01 Category: Formats: 4 x Vynil, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered, Exclusive Year: 2017-2021 Genres: Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, weird


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    Peter Frohmader
    Live Electronic Music

    BEAT 03

    Peter Frohmader